My research focuses on institutional and policy choices in democracies and how these choices affect democratic performance and sustainability. This interest extends across two subfields – comparative politics and public policy. The questions within each of these strands of research reflect fundamental problems that all democracies confront. The first strand of my research considers how democracies confront cooperation and coordination dilemmas in public policy delivery. The second strand of my research examines institutional choices that enhance the stability of democratic regimes.


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Can Courts be Bulwarks of Democracy?

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Refereed Publications

Forthcoming. Christopher Reenock, David Konisky, and Matthew Uttermark. “Chain of Command vs. Who’s in Command: Structure, Politics and Regulatory Outputs.” Policy Studies Journal.

  • Winner: 2020 Herbert Kaufman Award, best paper presented at APSA, Public Administration Section.

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  • Winner: 2013 Pi Sigma Alpha Award, best paper presented at SPSA.

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  • Winner: 2008 Beryl Radin Award, best article published in JPART.

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Other Publications

1999. April Major and Christopher Reenock. 1999. “Building Computer Connectivity in the Legal Information Infrastructure of Bosnia.” Peaceworks: Journal of the United States Institute of Peace 32:18-21. PDF

In Development

“Inequity in Implementation: Environmental Enforcement Response Time” with David Konisky, Christopher Reenock, and Shannon Conley.

“Policy Devolution and Cooperation Dilemmas.” with Robert Carroll and David Konisky.

“Stai Fuori!: Immigration and The Italian Far Right” with Giulia Venturini.